Riot gears up for an exciting run at first race of BITD season, Parker 425

The Parker 425 was the first race that Riot participated in back in 2009. “I don’t think we have ever been better prepared to start off our racing year. The team is expecting great things and Parker is the key to a great year” said Harvey Knapp, team manager for Riot. Marc Ewing, driver of the 68 race truck is in an equally enthusiastic mood. “Parker is a crazy race. The first time I raced and completed Parker in torrential rain back in 2009 I was asked how it was. My response back then was the same as it now, ‘Epic!’”

Starting out at the time trial on Thursday, February 3 at 9 am Riot #68 will pull away in the 19th spot. Josh Daniel driving his Riot 1598 Class 1 race car will start much further back at the 65th spot. This doesn’t phase Daniel who has an exceptional record in time trials. “It’s definitely not the ideal place to start your time trial run, but you can be certain Sheila, Allen Hickerson and I will push ourselves to the limit to get a great start position for Saturday’s race” Daniel said.

Immediately after the time trial, all of the race vehicles will be assembling in downtown Parker for a Street Fair. “It’s a great chance for people to get a close up view of these awesome machines and talk to members of the team” added Erica Magda, team reporter for Riot. Friday the race vehicles will go through contingency and tech inspection which starts at 9:30 am and runs through 6 pm. Friday evening will be a chance for Marc, Jordan, Josh and Allen to relax and get some rest before the mayhem begins in the dark of Saturday’s early morning start. Riot will be working hard to provide the best possible updates via Twitter on our website. “We want to ensure that anyone who can’t make it to the race can get information as the events unfold,” Magda said.

During Parker 425 last year the Riot truck was stopped by a mechanical issue for a full 35 minutes and still managed a respectable 5th place finish. “Everyone feels that Marc has the perfect driving style to come out of Parker in a good position to build on for the rest of the year. We are out to win a championship, and we are going to do everything in our power to make that happen!” Co-driver Jordan Poole said.

Josh Daniel is returning to Parker 425 for the first time after a sneaky high speed roller ended his 2009 race with a dramatic crash. “We have never been more prepared for a season” Josh said. “This year the car tested perfectly and we paid close attention to all of the high-speed dangers during the pre-run for Parker. Allen and I want to start this year out by making a big impact for the Riot team!”

Regardless of the outcome, you can always be sure that the Parker 425 will provide some epic tales.

  • Tuesday February 1, 2011
  • By Riot Racing

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