Joined by Josh Daniel, Riot Racing to contend for 3 championships in 2011

Riot Racing is thrilled to announce that Josh Daniel has joined the Riot team. Josh brings his considerable talents and his popular race car “Sheila” to the program. With the new car and Riot’s two Geiser Bros trophy trucks, Riot Racing will compete in the full Best in the Desert series in the Trick Truck and 1500 classes, as well as the full SNORE series in the Unlimited Truck class. For Riot Racing, this will be the first time competing for a championship in SNORE, and the team’s first foray outside the TT/UT class.

Josh’s hard charging style and down to earth personality have made him a favorite with race fans and fellow racers alike. With recent overall wins at the KC HiLites Midnight Special, Rage at the River, and the Battle at Primm — coupled with four second place finishes — Josh is a force to be reckoned with on the race course. Riot team owner and driver Marc Ewing summed it up, “I’m psyched to have Josh on our team, and I’m sure glad I won’t be racing against him any time soon!”

While not changing his aggressive driving style, Josh does plan on adjusting his approach. “I’m going to be more calculated and focused on making the car live,” he said. “This will be the first time that I’ve ever really had a goal in mind. I’ve already won races. Now, I need a championship — or two!”

In two years, Riot Racing has evolved into one of the most recognizable and consistent teams in the sport. With no previous driving experience, Marc Ewing has developed into a reliable top five finisher and a threat for the podium. “With the path we’ve been on, with the addition of Josh, and with three vehicles racing, you certainly expect even better results,” Marc said. “It’s going to be hard work maintaining the rate of improvement we’ve enjoyed for two years. But with the people we have on our team, and the organization we’ve built, I know we can overcome the pressure, have success and really turn heads this year. And most importantly, we’ll have a ton of fun doing it!”

  • Thursday January 20, 2011
  • By Riot Racing

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